The revolutionised barbershop

The vibrant echo of urban music in company with premium entertainment invites you to stay and enjoy your time with us, for as long as you like.


Due to the accelerated growth of Langanis Barber, we have expanded into the streets of Teneriffe.

Our Teneriffe boutique features elevated flooring, rock barber stations and French travertine stone to create an earthy and spacious environment.

Inspired by our signature Langanis culture, the industrial styling of Langanis Barber and the use of urban and raw materials merges the tasteful aspects of the beauty and design industries.

With eight barber chairs, we’ve doubled the size of our West End location to bring you more of the best precision cuts, in a cultured and energetic environment.

Each barber is trained to deliver facial hair waxing, all shaving services, colour services, unique track designs, modern/traditional styles, as well as ladies styles of any calibre.


Our West End café and espresso bar exists to maintain customer’s comfort whilst they get their hair styled, as well as to satisfy passing-by coffee lovers on the street. With superior equipment, skillful baristas, and a Langanis exclusive espresso blend, you’ll be sure to indulge your taste buds.


You may have noticed something unique about your surroundings at our West End Barbershop. The white walls contrast the porcelain stone tiles and the raw wood textiles don’t quite match each other. It feels elegant in an effortless way.

Designed with a distinctive rustic modern style in mind, Langanis Barber has been optimised with an open plan and floor-to-ceiling French doors to allow for expanse and flow.

To promote feelings of warmth and earthiness, organic and natural materials are emphasised alongside a simple colour scheme.

Always filled with light, the breathability of the space inspires creativity for our hard-at-work barbers. With four barber chairs filling the mirrored space, you can expect to be seen quickly, even on the busiest of days.

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