(West End Only)


Michael Langanis

Director / Owner

Michael Langanis is the man behind the brand, a young businessman with a passion for style. With a wholehearted commitment to deliver an urban high-fashion barbering experience, Michael is constantly kicking goals. Michael Langanis started his career with Vogue Nationale in 2010 and now owns not one, but two boutique barbers in Brisbane. Appearing in West End Magazine, the Weekend Edition, the Trendspotter, the Urban List, and Style Magazine – Michael’s vision of making an impact is clear. Michael is known for his impeccable scissor skills and ability to comfortably achieve texturised, feathered, jagged and shambolic looks. With incomparable skills, refined to razor-sharp proficiency, there’s no better barber in Brisbane. Michael trains his team in-house to ensure every client is treated to an exclusive, modern styling experience.

Rachel Lettice

Business Administrator / Receptionist

Rachel is your bright and friendly face at Reception. She is professional, quick-witted and dynamic. As your first point of contact when visiting Langanis Barber, Rachel’s excellent communication and customer service skills never go unnoticed. Constantly energetic and always observant, she is always delighted to lend a helping hand or answer any queries you may have. Rachel is a well-experienced barista at the Langanis Espresso Bar and a quality choice to have a lively chat with. Rachel believes in the Langanis vision and is inspired every day to help create steady business growth.

Simone Presta

Business Manager

Originally from Italy, Simone is our respectful business manager at Langanis Barber. With many years of previous managerial experience, his organisation skills and expertise is highly valued within the business. Simone’s intelligence allows him to balance tasks with ease and execute each duty with perfection. His charming personality and wicked sense of humour makes him an easy-going conversationalist to share a laugh with. Simon is a brilliant barista and is passionate for creating flavoursome cups of coffee at the Langanis Espresso Bar.

Alex Papastergos

Premier Barber / Stylist

Being one of the first barbers at Langanis Barber, Alex is ambitious and determined to achieve his goals as well as being an honest and valued member of the Langanis Barber team. Upon meeting Michael Langanis, Alex realised the extent of Michael’s knowledge and immediately saw the benefit of working alongside him to refine his skills. Alex has since mastered an array of skills, techniques, and services, which he proudly offers to his clients. Alex has been cutting hair for five years and is a fully qualified Barber and Men’s Stylist. Whilst he appreciates the modern, textured hairstyle, Alex’ keen interest lies in his ability to perfectly execute French crops, Mohawks, Slicks, Pomps and Beards.

Massimo Faccioli

Premier Barber / Stylist

Massimo is one of the International members of the Langanis family. Initially from the North of Italy, Massimo’s barbering expertise took him to London and via Melbourne before he landed in Brisbane. Massimo is charming, versatile and precise in the way he implements his knowledge of styling techniques. A referral from a trusted friend brought him into Langanis Barber, where Massimo first could appreciate the special attention placed on the quality of service delivered to clients. He was drawn to Michael’s commitment of training team members to be their best, and immediately felt comfortable achieving common goals. Massimo’s creative and stylish nature makes him confident with creating both long and short textured cuts that are versatile and easy to style.

Amanda Algeo

Premier Barber / Hairdresser / Stylist / Colourist

Amanda is professional, experienced and confident in delivering all barbering, hairdressing and colouring services. Always busy, Amanda leads an interesting life as a barber /hairdresser, mother, and a student pilot. Her impressive delicacy and skill has grown over a remarkable sixteen years of experience working in the hair industry. In her time, Amanda has managed several boutiques as well as cut and styled for Melbourne Fashion Week. Her latest feat, competing against Michael Langanis at the Brisbane Barber Expo landed her a full-time role at Langanis Barber in Teneriffe. Amanda has a knack for creating trendy mullets and has mastered the art of foiling both male and female hair.

Jacob Worth

Junior Barber / Stylist

Jacob is nearing his third year of work within the hair industry, the perfect industry to showcase his personable and energetic personality to clients. Jacob was introduced into the fashion and hairstyling world from his background in the dance industry. He sought work with Langanis Barber due to the welcoming energy and vibrancy that so closely matched his personality. He was instantly attracted to pursuing a career in a workplace that he could feel creative and inspired each day. Jacob most enjoys playing with hairstyles that involve fades, layers, texture and track work.

Lotus Honey

Junior Barber / Stylist

With over two years experience cutting hair for Langanis Barber, Lotus is reliable, honest as well as tenacious in pursuing her dreams to become an expert stylist. Lotus was originally a client at Langanis barber when she was influenced by the ability to be creative whilst working with hair. The culture of Langanis Barber suits Lotus’ extravagant personality and allows her to thrive. Lotus is extremely talented at crafting the Langanis Style cut due to her brilliant scissor work and confidence with performing skin fades.

Liam Harris

Junior Barber / Stylist

Liam is creative, passionate and self-driven to achieve his goals. He was a former Langanis Barber client of three years and had an unexpected career change after being inspired by the creativity and appeal of the Langanis haircut. Liam felt drawn to the outgoing environment and lingering feeling of satisfaction after each barbering experience, causing him to pursue his current position. Liam specialises in the Langanis cut and is passionate about cutting and styling all male and female hair types.

Matt Boyce

Apprentice Barber / Stylist

Matt developed his love for hair whilst he was young and living in South Africa due to his creativity and unlimited energy to focus into his styling career. Always looking to express his funny and playful side, Matt instantly clicked with the team at Langanis Barber and knew it was somewhere he saw himself excelling. With high ambitions, Matt’s favourite technique is using scissor work to texturize and thin both men and women’s hair.

Lara Cabral

Apprentice Barber / Stylist

A recent addition to the Langanis Team, Iara is Brazilian, charming, approachable and driven by her goals and aspirations. Upon meeting the team, she developed a fondness for the energy within the barbershop and the interactions between customers and staff. On her first day, her passion developed and she could instantly see herself being successful in the hair industry. She enjoys practicing and refining her technique performing skin fades.

Macaulay Church

Apprentice Barber / Stylist

Macaulay is laidback, eager to learn and confident in his styling capability. Always making the most of training and learning experiences, the quality of his cuts is quickly and constantly improving. His latest career pivot from cars to hair allows Macaulay more imagination, creativity and freedom in his work. Macaulay really enjoys working with fades and as well as textured styles, such as the Langanis Cut.